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Hi my name is Lucie and this is a sideblog dedicated to all things literature. I will reblog book related items and such here, and eventually I plan to write reviews occasionally.

Currently reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

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For the anon who wanted to see my shelves up close. I was able to take the pictures sooner than I thought :D

Wow. This is fantastic. I really love the way you’ve arranged it all

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So. I went bookshopping today and things kinda got out of hand a bit. Anyway this is my bookhaul. That one on the bottom is the german edition of “rebel heart”. Also froyo. Cause yeah.

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Day 2 - TBR Pile

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July book haul so far. I promised myself no more books after this. Of course, I bought one more. BUT THAT’S IT!

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August book challenge ☀️- day 25: You reading

I am currently reading The night circus!

Bambi looks so fluffy today!

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I’ve got a pile of books to read.

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What reader species are you?


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Say no to caged books.

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